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An innovative product designed to lift sagging skin with the vitality and elasticity.

Do you want to have the V-shape Face?  The treatment helps firm and restore elasticity to aging skin.  It contains Pepita Enzyme Mask, V Line Lifting Gel and 24K Active Gold Collagen.  Pepita Enzyme Mask brightens skin tone, V Line Lifting Gel has lifting effects and 24K Active Gold Collagen stimulates elasticity and circulation of the skin, dissolving the dry gel without irritation. DewAmor Ultra V Line Treatment remarkably firms sagging skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving an instant lifting effect even after the first application.


Ultra V Line Facial Treatment (45 mins)


1 session $150


2 sessions $280 ($140 each)


3 sessions $390 ($130 each)



*Lifting by tightening sagging skin


*Firming by supplying moisture


*Brightening by removing impurities


*Anti-Aging by reducing wrinkles


Ultra Oxygenic Facial Treatment

For all skin types and the latest improvement to the traditional cleansing and extraction facial involves a pressurizes blast of concentrated O2 that purports to rehydrate skin instantly, making it softer, firmer, and smoother. DewAmor Ultra Oxygenic Treatment brings out skin's best and keeps it looking younger and brighter.




Ultra Oxygenic Facial Treatment (45 mins)


1 session $150


2 sessions $280 ($140 each)


3 sessions $390 ($130 each)

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